Isaac® System for Kids!™

Orlando, Florida USA - October 28, 2003 - Isaac, LLC announces the introduction of the Kids!™ Isaac® Head and Neck Restraint System. See

Does your youngster go 100mph? Do you want to protect them from head and neck injuries but cannot tighten a webbing-based product enough to fit their small frame, and do not want to purchase another expensive rigid product as they grow? Then the Kids!™ Isaac® is the way to go.

By using shorter shock absorbers, the Kids!™ Isaac® has been adapted to the smaller build of younger drivers.

Don't worry Mom and Dad, these shocks have already been tested on the same crash sled NASCAR® uses for testing safety products. In addition, because all Isaac® products are modular, longer shocks can be substituted as your young racer grows.

Isaac, LLC is based in Orlando, Florida. It specializes in protecting motorsports participants from head and neck injuries and is the only such firm to offer a complete product line to racers.


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