Isaac Head and Neck Restraint System


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Isaac head and neck restraint system

Isaac helmet mountIsaac helmet mount






Head motion:

We get so many questions about head motion we decided to grab some quick videos from the track. These are real users in real cars on real tracks. One owns a competing product.

Head motion, driver's side. (2.0MB AVI)


Head motion, passenger side. (2.6MB AVI)


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Side Impacts:

Want to see how well an Isaac® system protects against side impacts? Play this video once to get a feel for the crash, then play it again while watching the rear-view mirror.

(4.1MB WMV file. Please right click and "save as")



There is more head motion here, but the driver keeps on rollin':



Lab Crash Testing:

Here is a special treat, a laboratory crash sled video shot in real time. For scientific purposes, these tests are normally recorded with multiple high-speed cameras that shoot as fast as 1,000 frames per second. That's great if you're doing research, but it's not much fun to watch some dummy flop around in slow motion. So, the last time we were in the lab we shot this with a standard camcorder. It even has audio, so crank it up...

(6.1MB WMV file. Please right click and "save as")


More In-Car Video:

Think you can't get hurt with 100hp? Here is an in-car video of an Isaac® user crashing, including a slow motion segment:

(4.4MB WMV file. Please right click and "save as")
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