Isaac Head and Neck Restraint System

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Comparison of Performance

Testing conducted at Wayne State University Bioengineering Center as reported in SAE paper #2006-01-3631. All trademarks are the property of the respective rights holders.

The injury limit is approximately 900 pounds (4000N).

For additional information on how various systems perform, check the SAE web site at Extensive comparative testing was conducted during the summer of 2002 and the summer and fall of 2005, the results of which were presented at the SAE's Motor Sports Engineering Conference in December 2006 and are available as an SAE technical paper (Paper number 2006-01-3631). Also available is the SAE technical paper titled "The Use of Dashpots in the Prevention of Basilar Skull Fractures" (Paper number 2002-01-3306), which describes the development of the Isaac® head and neck system. These papers can be downloaded from the SAE web site for a modest copyright charge.

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