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From the SAE International Motorsports Engineering Conference & Exposition
Dearborn, Michigan, 6 December 2006

How well does it work in side impacts?

Think a head and neck restraint can never increase head loads? Think again...

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- Same crash test (SFI Spec 38.1)

- Same crash dummy
- Same harness
- Same helmet...

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HANS® Device (left) / Isaac® System (right)

SFI 38.1 Crash Test Video
(3.2MB MPEG format)

The Isaac® head and neck restraint is the only product that keeps the belts on the driver's shoulders, reduces lateral head torque by up to 85% and exceeds performance requirements in the most severe SFI 38.1 crash test.

  • No other product performs as well in a crash lab.
  • No Isaac® user has ever died of head injuries.
  • No Isaac® user has ever broken their neck.
  • No Isaac® user has ever been trapped in their car by their head and neck restraint.

Those are the important factors, but with an Isaac® system you also get increased comfort, ease of use and economy.


Head and neck injuries are the #1 cause of racing fatalities, responsible for approximately 50% of racing deaths. On average, a driver dies every month in North America as a result of this injury.

Isaac® systems were designed to meet the following objectives:

• Protect the head and neck as well as any product available.
• Do not require that the driver "wear" something.
• Do not unnecessarily restrain the position of the head.

Models and Upgrades
Isaac® systems are available in several models, ranging from economical versions designed for most racing environments to a titanium alloy model capable of withstanding extreme impacts. There are even models available for children.

An optional adhesive kit is available for installing the helmet mounts. This Isaac® exclusive uses an aerospace-grade binary bonding agent. It is simple, fast, does not require that you drill holes in your helmet and is maintenance free.

Return Policy
You can return any Isaac® purchase within 30 days for a full product refund. Think of it as a test drive.

Isaac® systems are designed to minimize head and neck injuries suffered by racing drivers without unnecessarily restricting head position. Unlike some "head restraints," which work by limiting the position of the head, Isaac® systems work by limiting the load on the head.

In crash tests conducted at Wayne State University's Bioengineering Center and the Delphi Safety Systems Test Center, Isaac® performed as well as any product ever tested, reducing head loads as much as 85%+. Click here for comments from customers, some who have crashed, some who haven't.

At every performance level, whether for the weekend amateur or the seasoned professional, Isaac® systems provide the most protection per dollar—and they begin at just $295.

Because they are not "worn" Isaac® systems have one size and can be used in any style race car by any driver with any helmet. They easily move between race cars and, because they are modular, racers can change components as new designs become available.

See below for an overview of our products and services. See the links at the banner above for detailed information about specific Isaac® products, photos, crash testing, racers' comments and other subjects.

How to Buy a Head and Neck Restraint System
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