Isaac® Surpasses SFI Performance Specs for Head and Neck Loads.


Orlando, Florida USA — December 21, 2005 — Isaac, LLC announces record setting performance for its damper-based, Intermediate™ model head and neck restraint. Testing to the SFI Spec 38.1 offset protocol,* the Isaac® system not only was at least as effective as competing models in classic measures such as neck tension, it was over four times more effective in reducing lateral head torque caused by side impacts. (Click on the image below for crash video.)

The Isaac® system also succeeded in keeping the belts on the driver's shoulders, and may be the only product capable of doing so.

Said Gregg Baker, P.E., a company engineer, “We have matched competing products when testing side-by-side in the past, so we expected excellent neck tension values. However, the lateral [side] component of this impact was 34Gs, and the instruments can isolate the load that twists the driver's head sideways, so this was a good opportunity to examine lateral protection. We knew the Isaac® system would perform well, but an 85% load reduction was a pleasant surprise.”

Isaac, LLC is based in Orlando, Florida. It specializes in protection from head and neck injuries and is the only such firm to offer a complete product line to racers.



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*Laboratory crash testing was conducted at the Delphi Safety Systems Test Center in Vandalia, Ohio.

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